Terms and Conditions

Before you submit a report we require you to acknowledge and understand the following points:

  • It is not NCOR’s responsibility to investigate any reports, nor is it within their remit or power.
  • This platform has been created to enable patients to report and discuss adverse events relating to osteopathic treatment in order that practitioners can continue to learn about patients’ experience(s) of osteopathy, patient safety, and risks associated with osteopathic care.
  • NCOR does not keep any personal information identifying individual practitioners, staff or patients. You must ensure that you do not include any personal identifiable information in your report or any comments on reports.
  • Reporting in this forum is not a substitute for reporting incidents to profession’s regulator, the General Osteopathic Council.
  • NCOR reserves the right to alter/remove any personal identifiable data or other objectionable content from reports and comments.